Monday, 1 January 2018

I'm Baaaaaaack!

Hello! Ive been a terrible lazy bastard haven't I? No excuses, I just haven't been arsed keeping the blog updated so sorry about that folks, let's try and appease all three of you with some fresh pics of an old and ongoing project :

Now, this game is probably single handedly responsible for my involvement with the whole Oldhammer thing we all know and love. And because it belongs to my wife, that makes her responsible for all those toy soldiers she keeps finding all over the house. So there.
Anyway, I've never been one to enjoy using cardboard counters, so once Cheryl had cracked this open I went rummaging for miniatures to represent the characters we'd picked and while it did the trick for a while, we ended up talking about looking into collecting the original range sculpted by Aly Morrison 
(picture courtesy of SoL)

So, off to eBay we went, and over the course of quite a few years now between eBay and trading sites we've managed to collect 45 of the original set for reasonable prices, not bad, but still a ways to go. Of those 45, I've so far painted the following 18. They're quite a nice range to pick away at bit by bit, and besides the game they were intended for, they make some lovely (in some cases) civilians for larger skirmish games, so Brucie bonus there!
That's plenty of shite out of me now, here's what you've all (probably) been waiting for

Some of these were painted a few years ago, and I should really revisit them to get them up to standard (the barbarians face would be a glaring example),  so maybe between projects this year I can sort them out amd get a few more in the cabinet. Thanks for looking folks, and happy new year! 


  1. Absolutely glorious! Well worth the wait.

  2. Blog more, blog more, blog more!

  3. Love the Talisman series of figs. Nicely done!

  4. That is some great brush work. And yes! Blog more!!!!

  5. Fantastic Rochie! Love the glowing eyes on the Necromancer :)

    When I asked you to post a blog I didn't think you'd do it THIS fast :D

    Looking dusted to seeing more mate.


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