Sunday, 22 February 2015

It's cold outside, there's no kind of atmosphere......

Evening all! I've got the lurgy today, so I can't get stuck into painting, so I thought I'd have a bit of a ramble about my new project..
I've wanted to do some sort of sci fi project for ages now, but never got off my arse to do anything about it, but since finishing my chaos army, I really fancied painting something with a gun and a round base, but didn't want to grind through another army, so after a good long think, an influx of new models, and some shameless mining for inspiration over at Sho3box (seriously, check it out, it's a fantastic read), I've combined my love for cheesy 80s action films, Red Dwarf, and acting the maggot into a catch all setting for any skirmishes I manage to get played. So after that wall of text, I suppose I'd better show pictures of the main characters... 

The Colonels Deep Space Skip Divers

Nobody's really sure where The Colonel came from, or even if he's an alien or some sort of mutant, truth be told he's not entirely sure himself but he doesn't dwell on it too much, he's got enough on his plate, more of which at a later date.. Part Hannibal Smith, part Dave Lister, I'm sure I can come up with plenty of mischief for him to get up to!

"Sawn Off" Borri is the Colonels logistics and maintenance expert, he keeps the jobs coming in and the ships engines running, which is a handy thing considering the Colonels track record with the Mechanicus. A remarkably genial member of his species, but a holy terror once his blood is up

"Danger" Doyle is a nutcase. There's no two ways about it, if you want necromundan spiders eggs from the bottom of a sump lake,  or information retrieved from the logic stacks of a berserk combat servitor, Doyle is your man. An ex imperial naval rating, he has absolutely no sense of self preservation, and managed to jump ship after procuring a hardened void suit, and has been breaking heads for the Colonel almost ever since

Sometimes the Colonel isn't as silver tongued as he'd like to think, and along the way has made himself a nuisance to quite an amount of people. While dealing with a tribe of techno barbarians in the ash wastes of some backwater hell hole, he somehow managed to "let slip" his knowledge of the location of a weapon of world breaking power to the barbarians leader, and then receive a very healthy advance payment to bring this item back. 
Krug here was sent by the chief as insurance on his investment.. The Colonel hasn't quite figured out how to tell Krug that this weapon doesn't actually exist, but he's sure he can make a plan...

"Skinny" Peet is the groups point man, combat expert, and general mysterious but noble sidekick to the Colonel. The two are as close as brothers, but the reason behind the friendship between a skinny fish man and a purple space chicken is a closely guarded secret, at least for now.

And there you go, if you've made it this far, thank you for sticking with it, there's hopefully plentyore to come! 

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Nearly there now

Hi everyone, now that I'm nearly at the end of the Slaanesh army project (for now), I thought I'd stick up a few shots of how the army's looking now. All of these models have been on the Oldhammer Community on facebook, but I thought I'd gather them all in one place. Thanks for looking! 
Full army shot, it's getting a bit too big for the  iPhone camera to handle...
Hound unit that I finished this week
Centaurs also finished this week, and to date the best photo I've managed to get of them!
Warriors looking all Slaaneshi, just need to add one more warrior and a standard bearer and they're done
Minotaurs, some of my favourite models in the army, one more of these to come too
And the hippogriff is the latest addition, nice model once you get into it, but I'm not painting feathers again for a while!

I'm now starting to put my ideas together for my next project, so watch this space for ramblings in the next little while

Friday, 6 February 2015

The money shot...

Hello everyone! I've been ploughing along with the slaanesh army, so I thought I'd dig some terrain out and take a couple of decent photos while the light is good, it's also better than seeing them on the beige carpeted stairs, eh? Anyway, thanks for looking! 
And because I completely forgot to include him in the blog, my dragon ogre: 

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Everything's looking fabulous!

Hello there folks, real life has stopped grinding my balls under its heel for now, so I've been cracking on with painting my Slaanesh army. Thanks to Diego and Francisco over on the Oldhammer facebook page, the army has had quite a few new additions, and I'll be sharing them as they get painted, so thanks again to my Spanish pals for the reinforcements! 
Here's a group shot of where I'm at right now, I'm keeping the beast elements fairly neutral so that they can be used in warband a of the other three gods, with the warriors etc adding the flavour of each warband.
Three of what will be an eventual twelve dark elves, for some reason I really enjoyed painting these, but can't seem to settle into the rest of them.. Oh well, they'll have their time in the sun
The kennel club needs three more hounds doing, and then their handler, they're coming soon
And the current stars of the show, will eventually be a unit of twelve. These are very challenging to paint in such a bright scheme, but at the moment I'm really into getting them done, so I'm planning on two more, then I'll treat myself to a minotaur
I've had a few requests on the facebook page about my basing methods, so if there's enough interest I may do a simple tutorial or something, let me know what you think, and thanks for looking!

(By the way, I know there's centaurs in te group shot, but they're being utter pricks to photograph on their own, once they play ball I'll get them up)