Monday, 9 November 2015

Red is a pox

Hello again! Not as much progress as last time, double whammy of some bad family news and a three year old with chickenpox has put the brakes on somewhat, but I did get a start on the next chaos unit, this time a khornate marine, and what a bastard he was to paint 
Now don't get me wrong, he's a lovely sculpt, but me and red have never gotten on, so in an effort to add another string to my bow, I decided to paint the khorne marked squad as the God intended, so red black and bronze was the order of the day, but after a full four hours layering, glazing and swearing like a docker it still wasn't going anywhere, so a quick pow wow with a good mate of mine and a nights sleep later, and I was ready to finish the job. He's nothing spectacular, but it's as far as I'm willing to go before I lose interest in the squad, and if that happens fuck only knows when I'll get back to them, so onward and upward!
The other thing I got done for myself this week is Lord Skrolk from the skaven range. The Bazaar of Crooked Wonders on Facebook is following Orctober with Vermember, so in an effort to get involved I dug out one of the two skaven models I own and slapped him about a bit with the auld hairy stick. There's still the book freehand to do, but I'll keep you posted on that one 
He was great fun to paint, and will do nicely as an end of level type baddie for my upcoming warhammer quest project (there's another dozen or so skaven en route to me to make up the level 1 monster table entry), and now that I know skaven are so much fun to paint I'm starting to look forward to that particular job! Also, my orctober entry quite handily fills out the hand weapon Orc and goblin entries on the same table, almost like I planned it, eh? 
Anyway, enough outta me, join me next time for more shite talk, and hopefully a finished khorne marine squad so I can regale (bore the tits off) you with more tales of adolescent chaos worship. Thanks for looking!

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Absolute fucking chaos

So much for a post a week! Sorry folks, life got in the way again, but I have been painting! The night horrors commission is entering the final stages, so I'll be showing off the first couple of batches of them when I have a minute, but for now, a shite photo of the first unit in the latest incarnation of my first hobby love (get all that? Good!), a squad of chaos space marines, specifically plague marines of nurgle: 
I started collecting little metal men at the age of twelve, when on the second day of secondary school, my mate Eoin brought in a games workshop brochure, the red covered one that used to be on the counter. My tiny little mind was absolutely blown. I remember gawping at the shots of the miniatures, the little pink dudes that looked like chewing gum (pink horrors, I was twelve, fuck off), the chaos spawn made from what I later found out was a Talisman barbarian and a plastic wolf.. Jaysus there was loads. Anyway, that led to me swapping my mate some comics for the Goliath half of his necromunda boxed set, and so began months of absolutely great craic bashing each other over the plastic and card underhive. 
Fast forward a few months and I finally found a model shop that sold GW products, and left clutching White Dwarf 198, the one with the slayer on the front and the necromunda Raid scenario/battle report in the back. But there was something else in there, something that grabbed me by the pubescent bollocks and slapped the shit out of me. A chaos marine army built and painted by a Canadian called Jake Vlemmix. It was amazing, and to this day it's still a massive inspiration. While I had been playing necromunda for months, I had no point of reference with regards to the fluff and game setting, so this chaos carry on was totally new to me, and that article is responsible for the outright butchery of not only my goliaths, but also the marine side of the 40k boxed set I split with my younger brother the very next week. 
Now, I've just realised that I've written a shocking amount of rambling shite to accompany one poxy photo, so I'll draw a line under this installment of me popping my chaos cherry until my next post. Thanks for reading if you've made it this far, and I'll be back with more rambling shite next time, when I'll regale you with tales of WD 199 and what that fucking did to my "hobbying"
All the best folks!