Saturday, 9 July 2016

Well hello there!

Howya folks, long time no see! Sorry about that but I've been sick as fuck the past while so my heads really not been in it, but I'm almost back to full health so I thought I'd share what I've been picking away at.
When I was a youngfella, one of my all time favourite series in White Dwarf was the Tale of Four Gamers, where Paul Sawyer and three other gw staffers collected an army over the space of a few months with a budget of £25 a month, with it all culminating in a four way battle report once the time limit had been reached. Now I could go on for ages about how £25 wouldn't get you the steam off a trolls piss these days, but I'm not stepping up on that particular soapbox today. 
Anyway, while chatting to a few like minded gentlechaps (I'm being polite, they're fucking animals) on Facebook, I casually mentioned how it might be a good idea to maybe run something similar at some point in the future on the Herohammer International Facebook page, given that its 4th/5th ed warhammer focus is very much of the time of the original series. The next thing I know, that fucking kangaroo worrier Captain Crooks had announced it with all due pomp and ceremony on the page, and the sign up thread was open; participants have to paint 250 points per month between June and December, which will leave us with a new 1500 point army for Christmas. Piece of piss!
Well, seeing as it was probably my fault, I duly put my name down, the question now was which army? Well, once I had a think, given the period covered I could only choose the army I'd always wanted back then, and factor in that I'm a fucking glutton for punishment, I chose orcs and goblins. 
Anyway, having submitted 280 points for June, I'm now into my next 250 point commitment, so I thought I'd show off what's been done so far:

So that's where the army stands right now, I'm really happy with how it's developing, hopefully I can keep hitting the targets!
And there you go for this latest nipple hardening installment on the blog, thanks for looking folks! And don't worry, my next post will be back to the warbands project with Ned, I haven't forgotten about it!