Thursday, 31 December 2015

New year, same bollocks!

Ok folks, as usual I've been slack as fuck with the blog. I could promise to make a better effort in the new year, but it'll probably be a lie, so for now I'm gonna dump a shitload of photos that make up my tally for 2015 (me? Jump on a bandwagon? How very dare you!) hope you enjoy, and happy new year to you all!
First up, the fantasy:

And now the Rogue Trader selection:

I've also started taking on commission work, here's some of what I've done this year, there is more, but I can't find the bastard photos

So there you go! Probably my most productive year ever, thanks for looking, and a special thanks to JB, Darrin, Cheetor, Mr.Saturday, Axiom, Orlygg, Diego, Stuart and many others who have inspired my work this year with their excellent output. Here's to 2016 lads, let's blow the roof off the fucker!!