Sunday, 15 February 2015

Nearly there now

Hi everyone, now that I'm nearly at the end of the Slaanesh army project (for now), I thought I'd stick up a few shots of how the army's looking now. All of these models have been on the Oldhammer Community on facebook, but I thought I'd gather them all in one place. Thanks for looking! 
Full army shot, it's getting a bit too big for the  iPhone camera to handle...
Hound unit that I finished this week
Centaurs also finished this week, and to date the best photo I've managed to get of them!
Warriors looking all Slaaneshi, just need to add one more warrior and a standard bearer and they're done
Minotaurs, some of my favourite models in the army, one more of these to come too
And the hippogriff is the latest addition, nice model once you get into it, but I'm not painting feathers again for a while!

I'm now starting to put my ideas together for my next project, so watch this space for ramblings in the next little while


  1. Fantastic work! Despite the bright colours of the CWs the whole group manages to maintain a cohesive look. I love that hippogriff model, too!

    1. Cheers Gaz! The warriors only use pink, purple blue and white across the whole unit, it was just a case of deciding what went where on each model. The rest of the army was deliberately left in fairly neutral colours so they can be used in any chaos army, my reasoning being ill only have to paint a unit of warriors for each God and swap them in as I see fit

  2. Totally agree with your reasoning , no time or money are never too much to personalize each single mini for each single god :P
    BTW , fantastic army you've build in one month! The Griffin and Dragon Ogre are by far my favorites :)

  3. Hi, is it possible to have a close look at your Dragon Ogre?

    1. I'll get some photos tomorrow pal