Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Everything's looking fabulous!

Hello there folks, real life has stopped grinding my balls under its heel for now, so I've been cracking on with painting my Slaanesh army. Thanks to Diego and Francisco over on the Oldhammer facebook page, the army has had quite a few new additions, and I'll be sharing them as they get painted, so thanks again to my Spanish pals for the reinforcements! 
Here's a group shot of where I'm at right now, I'm keeping the beast elements fairly neutral so that they can be used in warband a of the other three gods, with the warriors etc adding the flavour of each warband.
Three of what will be an eventual twelve dark elves, for some reason I really enjoyed painting these, but can't seem to settle into the rest of them.. Oh well, they'll have their time in the sun
The kennel club needs three more hounds doing, and then their handler, they're coming soon
And the current stars of the show, will eventually be a unit of twelve. These are very challenging to paint in such a bright scheme, but at the moment I'm really into getting them done, so I'm planning on two more, then I'll treat myself to a minotaur
I've had a few requests on the facebook page about my basing methods, so if there's enough interest I may do a simple tutorial or something, let me know what you think, and thanks for looking!

(By the way, I know there's centaurs in te group shot, but they're being utter pricks to photograph on their own, once they play ball I'll get them up)


  1. I love this minis! The painting style is super cool , specially a fan of the "nature colours" for the beasts , but those warriors are amazing too!
    And I know you have an hippigrif waiting....oh my.....