Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Warband project: A necessary evil

Hello there! Bit late with my next instalment due to one thing or another, but I'm here now with another addition to The Gentles retinue, 3 out of 6 humans..

Having made planetfall on the now Ork infested world, The Gentle and Shard wasted no time in looking for clues to ascertain the location of the warp gate. The demon within The Gentle, while able to track the psychic emanations coming from the portal, was unable to pinpoint the position due to the high levels of background psychic activity emanating from millions of blood maddened greenskins. Shard however, is a tracker with few mortal equals, and between his skill and the vague directions from the demon, they have managed to narrow down their search area to a manageable size.
On their journey, they came across the remnants of an imperial guard garrison, their remote posting causing them to be overlooked in the chaos of the evacuation. Out of a platoon of thirty men, only six remained, starvation, disease and attrition from the constant clashes with greenskin patrols taking a heavy toll. The Gentles demon saw the number of survivors as auspicious in the eyes of its God, and so "guided" the renegade marine to offer allegiance to the survivors, an offer they reluctantly accepted..... 

"Yes we're following this renegade and his creepy bastard friend, but what else are we to do? We were dumped in the shit and forgotten about while everyone else fucked off, left to defend ourselves against these green maniacs. No, fuck that, and fuck the emperor for betraying us like that. The renegade, in that silly voice of his, has promised us a way off world if we can show him the way to something he's looking for. Won't say what it is, but I don't give a grox shit either, this is our chance to get the hell out of here and ahead of the green storm that's coming. Maybe we can join up with The Bastards, those mercs know their job, and they're very well compensated for it. Or maybe just kick back on one of the fringe worlds and stay blind drunk until the inevitable happens and the orks burn the whole system to the ground. Not a hope in hell of rejoining the regiment anyway, those pricks left us for dead, so as far as they're concerned that's exactly what we are. Yeah, thinking about it, this could all work out very nicely.. These dreams I'm having lately are a bit weird though, the women are fantastic, even with those big glowing eyes and weird claws where their hands should be.. It's probably just combat stress, but I'll bring it up with the rest of the unit if it keeps happening, just to make sure I'm not going too mad..."

So, there's your lot for this installment folks, thanks for looking and be sure to hit up The Work of Shaitan to see what delights Ned has for us next!

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