Saturday, 14 May 2016

The Fakkhaven Two

Hello again you lucky bastards! I've been ploughing ahead this week on commission work I'd fallen behind on while I was ill, but also managed to get the next entry in my collaborative project with Ned over at The Work of Shaitan, and this weeks thrilling installment (shut up, you know you love it) is a pair of beastmen... Now, if you've been paying attention, you'll remember I rolled up a pair of orcs to join Cohaagens little gang, but as I'd already rolled four chaos goblins, it was becoming apparent that I was heading towards a very greenskin heavy warband. Now, ordinarily that would be absolutely no problem, I love me orcs and gobbos, but seeing as how it's looking like I'll be spending the rest of the year on my greenskin army (more on that at a later date), I fancied a bit of variety before I rolled up my sleeves and got stuck in. So after a bit of a natter with Ned to make sure it was ok, and it was cos he's sound, I made the change from a pair of orcs to a pair of beastmen, cos as Ned himself said, what's a warband without beastmen?
So here I present my next entry, a pair of Bob Olley crackers that were an absolute pleasure to work on:

While the followers of Nurgle are known to be unusually cheerful for servants of the dark gods, the beastmen Aargash and Gholic are a remarkably gregarious pair. Arriving in Fakkhaven as part of Father Wormtastes carnival, they wasted no time in moving among the human citizenry, their horrific appearance at complete odds with their good humour. 
They delight in playing jokes on the populace, their braying laughter resounding around the village every time someone falls victim to their antics. Unfortunately, games such as "surprise smash", where Aargash distracts the victim with a silly jape while Gholic sneaks up behind and smashes them in the head with his mace, aren't really appreciated by their victims, usually because they end the day as a broken heap of flesh.
But the chuckling beastmen care not a jot, and fill their days "milking" nurglings into the water supply along with a myriad of other horrible tricks. While the human population are extremely wary of the pair, both Father Wormtaste and Cohaagen delight in their antics and overlook the worst of their excesses, for when the rotting beastmen are eventually roused to anger, they are formidable defenders of the noisome settlement..

Now, if you're still awake, here's some pictures: 

Stay tuned here and over at The Work of Shaitan for the next thrilling installments, Neds got another cracker lined up too! 

Thanks for looking!


  1. Proper Olleymen ! Those shields are the dog's bollocks really, I'm reallu eager to see the whole band now.

    1. Agreed, those shields are ace!!!

  2. I like the contrast between the clear blue eyes and the grungy fly face.

  3. Another belter of a post mate! I have run out of superlatives for Bob's beastmen. In my opinion some of the finest figures ever made and you've done them all the justice they deserve! This project just gets better and better to be involved in.