Thursday, 19 July 2018

Da future is Green

Hello! Back again to regale you all with more bollocks and some pics of old models, you lucky people! The subject of today's ramble is an army that has always been close to my heart, but has taken nearly twenty years to get anything done with. The archetypal antagonist of the 40k universe, the Orks!
I've always wanted an ork army, when me and my little brother bought the 2nd edition 40k boxed set, it was the orks I wanted. Those plastic Goffs and gretchin served me (fairly) well for the first year or so of my gaming life, before the chaos codex came along and stole me away. Thinking about it, the main reason I moved away from the greenskins was my budget at the time, you needed a lot of boots on the ground with an ork army, whereas a chaos army was a lot more compact, and therefore affordable for a young teenager on a pocket money budget. But I always hankered after an all conquering green tide, and resolved to one day own one. That day is coming my friends, and I like to think I've made a good start, have a look and judge for yourselves :

So far, this is what I've got done
This is Da Gaffer, built from a goff nob with the addition of the arms from a nob biker. He took quite a while to get finished, mainly because I didn't really have a plan other than to build a cool Warlord, and you know I think I pulled it off! 

 The start of the nob Council, nothing spectacular here, but that cybork is one of my favourite miniatures, so was a must have for the project
Da big mob. Just your bog standard rogue trader ork raiders. Ten for now, I'll see what I have left over after I've added the support squads, like this one:

More orks raiders, backed up with a heavy flamer. They're not gonna last long on the battlefield but as long as they go down swinging their job is done!

And the start of my favourite mob in the army, da Ballz Öwt madboyz! I love the madboy models, but I can't help look at them and think they're dancing, so where better to put them than as a mobile mosh pit for my own orky metal maestros Ballz Öwt? I have another five models to add to this unit, and they're currently on the painting table, so they should be along very soon! 

So that's a wrap for another indeterminate period, as always thanks for looking! 


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  2. This is a cracking force. Arriving with loadsa boots on da ground. I really like your approach to colours and tone shot through the force. They're a pure treat to look at. Almost enough to forgive you for the choice of Crimson Fists colours on the helmets.

  3. Dammit Rochie this is such a awesome warband.

  4. Luv it! As you may or may not know, I love me some orc/orks. I started in fantasy, and at the time thought Orcs in Spaaace would never catch on. Fast forward and I have quite the mob in the leadpile. Your boyz are inspiring me to crack on with mine. Maybe a goal for BOYL 2019.

  5. Absolutely amazing! Orks were my first love. I've been wanting to do the same and get back to all the RT/2nd ed Greenskins I have lying around...

    One day... My Green Horde will be given life!

  6. Absolutely brilliant! Great work. I like the idea for the madboyz mosh pit and the warlord is a very nice conversion.

  7. They are great !
    The Greens are the best !


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  9. Man, I wish i'd found this sooner! These old Orks are my fave minis fullstop. There's a big box of them under the desk waiting for my retirment. Lovelly paint jobs - grimy and still popping!