Friday 10 January 2020

Here we go again!

Yup, I'm doing a blog post! As usual, I've been busy painting, but not blogging. The time it takes to write a post can be used to paint more and that always wins out.
Anyway, lets get my latest fleeting idea set in stone to be disregarded on a whim!
First of all, I'd suggest you read this:
Done? Sound.
Whiskey has this awful knack of doing blog posts that really get my brain firing, models get dug out, sprayed and about half get painted before he goes and does another one and my focus changes again. But this one has stuck with me like few others. I came to the realisation last year that I'm pretty much done with large scale games, warband(ish) sized projects are much more attractive at this stage and much more forgiving of my tiny attention span, so, as usual, I read the post, dug out the models, sprayed and painted and here we are:
I'm planning on building a narrative around a small fantasy village in the deep dark woods of the warhammer world, these lads are the beginnings of the village militia. Why a small fantasy village in the middle of the woods? Well, because the deep dark woods is where the monsters live, and heres the first group the militia will have to deal with
Proper skeevy little bastard orcs, accompanied by a lightly converted Guthrum Mane from an old scenario pack to add some muscle (and bravery) to the warband.
Now, I'm planning to expand on the background a fair bit as this goes on, maybe even playing some small solo games to build a narrative. The setting should provide enough opportunities to add all sorts of varied beasties and boggarts fornthe doughty militia to defend against, but for now, I'll thank you for reading and hopefully be back in less than a year for another post! Cheers!


  1. Well done! I find myself drawn more to smaller games these days as well, though you wouldn't know that looking at the freaking pile of models I continue to accumulate!

  2. Haha! I'm in exactly the same boat! This year I'm trying to avoid buying very much at all and concentrate solely on the pile thats making the wardrobes bulge, little projects like this make the process easier

  3. Blogging is a chore, but it is lovely to be able to get access to a lot of it on one place.

    Short factual posts with some half decent photos tread the line between dull WIP and lots of hard work. Maybe blog like you FB post?

    Great looking warbands, loads of fun potential there.

  4. Blogging should serve you, not the other way round. I find my blog a great way to record what I've done in a way my memory wouldn't allow me! Plus other people seem to like seeing my stuff!

    Showing off pics of glorious figures like these is a great use of a blog! I'm in love with that militia warband...that ogre is fab!

  5. Great post. I like this village in the woods idea, looking forward to seeing where you take it. Great painting as always.

  6. And he’s back at it! Seconded don’t make it a chore...I make it an extension of my hobby to share. Good luck keeping at it, I’m rooting for you dawg and all my other favorite bloggers out there for that matter.

  7. Great start to what seems like a very nice idea for a project!

  8. This is a great start to the project. I like seeing how you've blended figures from disparate ranged like the Citadel Middle-earth and the SS6 box into a coherent warband. And I really like the way the pink skin stands off the earthy backgrounds.