Friday 11 January 2019

What's that smell?

Now before yis start, I know, the Mongols, but after doing the first unit I hit a bit of a wall with regard to the heavy cavalry and colours, so rather than just sit and mull it over, and waste painting time, I went for a root around to see if anything caught my eye. And I found these lads in a box.

Now I've loads of other stuff I should be doing, but I also needed to kick start my enthusiasm again, so I set aside a couple of evenings this week, and here's the results:

Smelly boys on tour

The more attentive among you may have noticed there's plague marines in the top photo, but none painted yet, that's cos I'm saving them for a bit later, I've loads of other stuff that's higher priority so I don't want to bog down on these just yet until I've fulfilled my other duties but they have been a great mojo booster and that's what's important  right? 

Anyway, that's enough outta me for now, as always thanks for looking and I'll catch you all again in the hopefully near future!


  1. Really great paint job on these smelly little bastards Rochie.

    Much better than the gay arse historical stuff :p

  2. I was hoping the title meant you were going to regale us with a hilarious real world tale, first! But I guess the minis themselves look a bit of alright, don't they?

  3. Looking great buddy! And that skin looks the business. Good strategy also; filling time productively while you prepare for the Mongol heavy cavalry

  4. Love that oldie Small Unclean One, such a cool paintjob!

  5. Fantastic palette cleanser, I like the nurglings on the GUO's base.

  6. Nice seeing them in colours different than green! Really cool work.

  7. Echoing Suber, these look great away from the run-of-the-mill green (which is always too close to Ork territory, especially when you consider the sculpting style). Is it your signature "highlights with Rakarth Flesh" method in play here?

    1. Cheers Curis! Yeah, it's pretty much the usual method with a couple of tweaks, namely starting from a Celestra grey basecoat and introducing Agrax earthshade into the glazing stages

  8. Very nice! Nurgle miniatures of many different eras really do seem to be going through a bit of a hobby renaissance of late.

    I'm not complaining, I love me some Nurgley goodness lol.

    Love the skin tones you've done on these guys.