Sunday 12 April 2020

Return of the Living Dead

Hello! Been a while hasnt it? Yet again the pull of miniature painting has been stronger than blogging about them, but with all this mad shite going on at the moment I thought I may as well kick this place in the ribs and see what life there is left in it. I've also come to a point in a project very dear to me where I have a fair bit to show, so here we go

Yep, thats a large chunk of my Kemmler led undead finished, almost totally built from the 4th edition range sculpted by Mr. Gary Morley. I went on about my opinion on his sculpts a ways back on this very blog, and since then my mind hasnt changed, he's still a great sculptor, and you can go and fuck if you think any different. 
Anyway, as with all of my recent projects, I'm trying to both work to a purpose, and also have some narrative running through everything, as you may have noticed with my previous couple of posts (I'll be returning to Schwarzweald soon too, don't worry). So, in the spirit of spinning a yarn, this force, while built with Saga/Dragon Rampant games in mind, still represents a part of the tale of the Lichemaster himself, whos 4th edition fluff hooked me as a young lad more than any other so heres to you little Rochie, you finally made it happen! (and you got laid too, go you!) 

This army of the Lichemaster represents the early days following his resurrection of Krell, and their journey back from the Vaults and into the Border Princes. 

Following his pact with Krell and the dark gods of Chaos, Kemmler drew power from ancient elven waystones, cracked and ruined by time, their corrupted magics swelled his own newly burgeoning powers and allowed him to raise more wights, the ancient and powerful kings of lands long gone once again marching to war 
Emboldened by the surging tides of dark magic preceding the Lichemaster, the ghoul tribes infesting the crypts of the town of Blackheart entered into a frenzy, tearing through the town and its population in a single night of howling bloodshed. Once sated, they returned to their warrens, only to find the Lichemaster and his bodyguard waiting for them. Krell broke their king in single combat, and Kemmler bent the survivors to his dark will
There was one survivor of the Blackheart massacre, the necromancer Laskar had been tucked away in his ruined tower ever since he had been driven from the town for his evil works. Hearing the town die even from a distance, he made his way back, and delightedly reanimated the sparse remains of the townsfolk to serve him as their Lord and master. However, mere days after his triumph, Kemmler entered Blackheart. Seeing how the land lay, Laskar immediately swore fealty to the Lichemaster, adding his shambling packs to the growing legion.
Now further bolstered, the Lichemaster and his growing force begins the march to conquest

Right, thats your lot! Hope you enjoyed reading all that, and stay tuned for more... at some point... Maybe... 


  1. Brilliant. The subsets all tie-in in a lovely way.

    I love painting Morley sculpts, and you have really shown how good so many of them are with this paint job.

    Love it.

  2. Jees! You're banging these out like a machine! The gell together so well and individually look great. Git!

  3. With the muted palette you made these old-school miniatures truly shine.

  4. Great painting and a cool background. Like you 4th Ed Undead fluff grabbed my attention too.

    Looking forward to seeing more.

  5. Welcome back to Blogdom! These are looking great and as has been said the colour scheme you use really suits them.

  6. Absolutely stunning! I love your Kemmler, he's grimdark horror. The ghouls are some of my favourite minis from that range and I really like your chosen palette.

  7. And here I thought your way with words was at themerely directed art of cussing ;) what a delightful little tale to go along with some gorgeous paint jobs #justiceforgary

  8. I love the desaturated (is that the correct descriptor) colours. How does one even begin to create the effect? Numerous glazes with a grey or black ink?

  9. Absolutely fantastic work on some great figures. Well done.

  10. Oooohhhh! I love them all. It's not only the paintjob (which is fantastic), it's the whole vibe they instil. Great!

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