Monday 29 February 2016

Populating a dingy shithole

 Yep, still here, thanks for dropping by! Been hanging out with the cool kids on Facebook again, but with my latest adventure into the world of glue gun burns and foul language I thought I'd revisit my poor neglected blog, tucked away in the attic with nothing but a bucket of fish heads and the back half of a rat for companionship. 
Anyway, if you've seen my stuff on Facebook you'll know already that I spent yesterday hot gluing all sorts of shite together and then decorating it to finally kickstart the construction of the ruined hive that will form the bulk of the setting for the RT games I dream of playing one day, so first off, here's some shite photos of the pieces themselves before I regale you with pictures of stuff you'll have seen before, but now with added background 

Now on to the cast of this particular production:

The cock that needs no introduction, The Colonel and his mates have been detailed in an earlier post, but they've ended up stuck in this god forsaken shithole since the underlevels got cut off from the upper hive while they were delivering some "sensitive" merchandise to an old guilder contact of Sawn Off Borri. Nobody's sure what's going on, not even the imperial forces left behind to keep the peace, all that's certain is that the boundary doors have been clamped shut for the first time since the zombie plague two centuries previously, and with those doors shut, nobody below them is going anywhere 

"The Immortan" and some of his tribe. The Immortan and his scavvies have flourished since the upper levels of the hive went dark, taking advantage of the chaos and confusion to gouge out much bigger territories than they previously held, including a small but growing number of factory sectors which had allowed the production of not only more and better weaponry, but also better building materials, so that the shanty towns are being replaced by more permanent and higher quality settlements, which is making the Immortan extremely popular with the citizens who haven't yet joined the rapidly growing Church of the Family of the Sundered Firmament, members of whom have made numerous attempts on the Immortans life, mainly due to the fact that, as much as the remaining imperial authorities hate to admit it, the Immortan and his small but growing army is the main reason that the Church hasn't already swept through the underhive 

Unbeknownst to pretty much everyone in the underhive, The Church of the Family of the Sundered Firmament is actually a rapidly growing genestealer clan, based in the eastern industrial sectors, but with churches popping up in settlements from sump bottom to the uphive borders. The Father appeared three decades ago, tearing his way through a stress fracture in the roof of the eastern domes and devastating the congregation of a small workers chapel not far from the fissure. Since then he has bred his clan into the position of power they hold now, only the settlements under "The Apostate Immortan" have resisted so far, violently opposing any attempts made to set up churches in his territories. But it matters not. The Father and Mother have sent their Trueborn children into the vast mazes of ducts and channels that permeate the hives structure, soon they will bypass the sealed boundary walls and begin to spread the love of the Family amongst the upper echelons. The only worry gnawing at the Father is why the boundary has been sealed in the first place, for while the Family is a powerful force within the confines of the underhive, it is still to young and weak to stand against the typical imperial measures taken against their kind..

The Galactic Action Bastards are a system spanning "private security contractor" company under the command of The Galactic Bastard himself. Unfortunately for the Bastard, his hands on method of personally choosing new recruits (to ensure the highest quality practitioners of violence the galaxy has to offer), has come back to haunt him, as his clandestine meeting with the Immortan has left him on the wrong side of the boundary and, like the Colonel, unable to reach his ship and get the hell out of whatever situation is developing. Luckily for the Bastard, he is as always accompanied by his best men, including the bounty hunter "Fishbowl" Gorman and the Bastards very own, very vicious (and magnificently coiffured) son, affectionately known as "The Little Bastard"

Inquisitor Bäal Revan is the reason the boundary has been shut. He has used his considerable influence to seal the lower hive off to, as he explained to the hive nobility, stem the spread of a mystery contagion he has been following the progress of throughout the system. Obviously, the foppish upper classes threw their workforce under the bus in order to save themselves, and are also observing a strict policy of secrecy with regards their actions, as inquisitor Revan explained to them in no uncertain terms the disruption to their lives that a full imperial intervention would cause, and selflessly took it upon himself to remedy this distasteful situation. Obviously, the truth is wholly different. Revan is an egotistical maniac whose selfish actions are setting events in motion that could wipe the entire system off the map. Revans pet witch picked up the psychic trail of a burgeoning genestealer infestation within the lower levels of the hive, and the inquisitor, rather than cleansing it with fire and sword, has decided to contain it as long as possible, to study the effects of the infestation firsthand. With the help of his "Leatherheads", a private (and wholly despicable) mercenary outfit, he has commandeered an Arbites blockhouse to use as his base of operations. He has also engaged the services of the notorious and widely reviled "Funboy Three", slavers and people traffickers known and hated across the system. The Funboys have used their "skills" to secure victims for Revans experiments, which involve drugging the unfortunates insensible before turning them loose in areas identified as having high Clan prescience. It's then only a matter of waiting for the victims to reappear, more often than not infected with genestealer DNA, before confining them to the cells in the blockhouse to await the results of their impregnation. This course of action will obviously end in tears, but Revans ego has him convinced that he will be the one to find the way to stop these infestations, even though all he's doing right now is enabling one. Still, his influence isn't as all powerful as he believes, and his actions have not gone unnoticed, dispatches have been sent to the imperial sector command by members of the aristocracy who have more sense than vanity, and an inquisitorial task force is en route to find out just what the hell is actually going on

Aaaand there you go, fair play if you've made it this far! Thanks for sticking with it and I'll hopefully be able to further the narrative over the next while. Thanks for looking!


  1. You need to be doing more of this blogging lark. Great looking stuff, as ever.

  2. Fuck it Man, You did remmeber you had a blog !
    This is some lovely terrain and very inspiring on top of that; I had the similar thing in mind but wasn't sure about wether it would look good or not; You just proved it could.

  3. About time this blog got a good kick up the arse. You've done a top job with the terrain; can be quite a task to get it looking that great. Some top fluff also, matey.

  4. Yeah, excellent backstory for each of the gangs/mercs/bastard's :)

    Can't wait for your next installment!

  5. Excellent stuff as always Rochie...I agree with WK, go blog, less facebook. ;)

  6. Good to see a bit more depth from you, rather than all those fleeting Facebook postings at midnight. Quality as standard though.

  7. That's some delightfully meaty fluff. Looking forward to seeing how it all plays out!

  8. This is pretty inspiring. Great job!